The Medway Cultural Council (MEDCC) supports public programs that
promote access, education, diversity and excellence in the arts,
humanities, and interpretive sciences; directly affect the residents
of Medway; achieve the greatest community benefit; and cultivate the
arts through participation and appreciation. The Medway Cultural
Council is a local agency funded by the Massachusetts Cultural
Council, a state agency.

Priority will be given to local artists, projects with a local
connection and requests from Medway community organizations.  New and
innovative projects and projects reaching diverse or underserved
audiences are encouraged.

We expect applicants to arrange a venue prior to applying. 
This venue must be compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Cultural Council funds are not intended to be used as the sole source
of funds for projects of a continuing nature; over time, the percentage 
of a continuing project's budget coming from the MEDCC should decrease.

Cultural Council funds are not intended to substitute for, replace or
relieve existing responsibility for municipal or other public funding
of programs.

Applicants may apply for grants for programs that take place during an
18 month window of eligibility between July 1, preceding the
application deadline in October, through December 31 of the following

At the discretion of the MEDCC, applicants may receive less than the
total amount requested (partial funding).

The Medway Cultural Council Performance Agreement and Massachusetts
Cultural Council Local Cultural Council Reimbursement Form must
accompany all requests for reimbursement.  The MEDCC will sent these
forms to grantees.  Invoices, contracts, cancelled checks or paid
bills as appropriate should accompany the reimbursement form to
document expenditures. 

Grant recipients have one year from the date of their approval letter
to request reimbursement.

Grant application forms are available at the Medway Public Library and
online. All applications must be typed.  SIX (6) copies of the
application form would be greatly appreciated.  Supporting documents
need not be copied.

Applications must be submitted to the Chairman of the Medway Cultural
Council by October 15th at 5 PM (or October 16 if the 15th is a Sunday).
Mail completed applications to:

                        Treasurer, Medway Cultural Council
                        155 Village Street
                        Medway MA  02053

If you have further questions, contact medcc-owner@yahoogroups.com or write
to the above address.