We are looking for input only from residents of Medway Massachusetts.

This survey is designed to be printed and mailed; if you prefer, just
respond in email to the questions that interest you and send it to 


Please help us serve you better by answering a few questions. 
(Just answer the parts you care about; we can deal with blanks.)

1. Which of the following types of programs should the MEDCC fund?
    CHECK all you'd like;  CIRCLE  your favorites:

 __ Historical interpreters (e.g. Ben Franklin, Marie Curie, mill girls)
 __ Entertainers (e.g. magicians, jugglers, acrobats)
 __ Dance performances (e.g. modern, stepdancing, ballet, hip-hop, jazz, tap)
 __ Children's shows (e.g. puppets, story & song, participatory)
 __ Musicians (e.g. bands, piano, singers, chamber music, unusual instruments)
 __ Singalongs (for children, families, seniors)
 __ Storytellers (for preschoolers, school-aged, teens, adults)
 __ Plays  
 __ Art shows
 __ Lectures (topics? ____________________________________________________)

 __ Other _________________________________________________________________

2.  What cultural events would you like to see in Medway?



3.  Where would you like to see performances?
    __  Any location is fine

    __  I would prefer performances at (check all that apply):
        __  Library             __  Schools
        __  Senior Center       __  Choate Park
        __  Pride Day           __  Special places (stages, halls and parks
                                                            in nearby towns)
        __  Other?  _____________________________________________________

4.  Circle the age groups you think MEDCC programs should serve:

    pre-school     school-age     young adult     adult     senior

5. Do you have any suggestions for groups you'd like the MedCC to support?



If you would like to be contacted by a Cultural Council member, please
write your name & phone number here:

Name  _________________________________________________________

Phone (       )____________________________________

                        Thank you for your input!

Please deposit your completed survey in the collection box or mail to:
  Medway Cultural Council,  155 Village Street,   Medway MA  02053